This Girl is Upholstering!

If you’re keeping up with my goings-on (which hopefully you are), you’ll know that I am now sewing on a new machine: the Brother “Project Runway Limited Edition” Digital sewing machine (which has been amazing so far).


My first night with the new machine. It was a Friday, can you tell?! 😉

I’ve just completed my first project using this machine, and (as with any newly finished project) I also excited to share it with you!

We recently purchased an ottoman at Ross, which was incredibly useful but terribly ugly.

Please don’t be offended if you don’t think this is ugly: I’m sure it would have looked great in the right home. But ours is not a blue-and-brown kinda place.

Let me just start out here by saying that I have never re-upholstered anything before. So of course I was really excited to teach myself how to do this. Ultimately it ended up being quite easy, and self-explanatory. All you have to understand is that it’s like a puzzle, and each old fabric piece that comes off must be replaced with an identical new fabric piece. If you’re interested in learning more about the method I used, you should check out this article. It really helped me when I was first researching re-upholstery.

After only a couple of hours (and unfortunately for my new sewing machine, only a couple of stitches) I had a brand-new, bright and cheery ottoman! Voila!

I found this fabric in downtown LA in our fabulous Fashion District (you know, crafter heaven?) for only $5/yard. I have plenty left over, so the next project will most likely be using this fabric: I’m thinking matching cushions for our bar stools….

It looks great in front of our Raspberry Lounge Chair, don’t you think?!



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