Succulent Satisfaction

Last month I started a new job as the Event Manager at a historic restaurant in Santa Monica. I’ve (very luckily) been given a lot of creative freedom within the position. My most recent accomplishment being an assortment of succulent arrangements to use as centerpieces on our tables during daytime events, and of which I am VERY proud of. I did NOT copy or recreate this from something I found on Pinterest, NOR did I hack an existing item and turn it into something new: this was ALL ME. I’m so impressed with my self !


The little guys in the yellow pots back there are the leaves that unfortunately fell off while I was repotting (and there’s also an extra donkey tail in there, too). The store I bought my babies from over-watered the poor kids and the leaves were popping off left and right. I’m attempting to propagate them in hopes to grow even more beautiful botanicals. 


Yes, those are up-cycled sterling silver gravy boats and derby cups! I found them in our storage room and they were the perfect size (and theme) for our restaurant.

Just do you have an idea of where I started from here….


My little gravy-boat babies! I absolutely love them.


There’s only 9 for now. I want to make lots more! Baby steps…. 😉


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