Happy Mother’s Day!


The last Mom’s Day I actually spent with my mother was 4 years ago, when I still lived in Florida. That feels like centuries ago! Since then I’ve had to get creative with my Mom’s gifts/treats for this special occasion. I’ve sent flowers, cards, gifts, e-greetings, had Skype conversations and sent lots of Emoji’s. This year, in my current state of broke-ness, I didn’t have too many options. Flowers are WAY too overpriced to send long distance, and they have become over-played in my repertoire of gifts. How do I show my Mom and little extra love on Mom’s Day without spending a lot of cash, and obviously while still flexing my crafting muscles and whipping up something fun and creative for her? Well heck, I’ll just MAKE her some damn flowers!

FullSizeRender 4

Behold, the Mother’s Day Bouquet! Crocheted with love from several different yarns in my collection, from three different flower patterns. This bouquet was an idea that I turned into a project with the help of some inspiration I found on Ravelry.com (one of my favorite knitting/crocheting websites). Luckily for my craftsy self I already had all the materials I would need, so this project cost me $0! Yippee!

The materials:

  • 4-5 different floral-colored yarns, in various weights, including a green for leaves and stems
  • corresponding crochet hooks for the yarns
  • a roll of thick jewelry wire (I used about 4 feet to make stems for 7 flowers)
  • jewelry pliers
  • scissors
  • yarn needle (for weaving in ends)

What I did:

FullSizeRender 6

  1. I selected two patterns to make all but one flower. From each pattern I made one flower in each of the three colors I chose (pink, purple, and yellow). I also threw in a random color and pattern to mix it up a little. I used this pattern and this pattern for the flowers (and on the same page for that rose pattern, just below you’ll find the pattern I used for the leaves). For the one random flower, I used this patternmakingflowers
  2. After the flowers were done, I made a leaf for each using the pattern found on the same page as the rose pattern and my green yarn. I made two exactly as the pattern suggested, and then played with the design a little to make a few more shorter and fatter leaves. If you’re attempting this yourself, I recommend playing around with the number of chain stitches and maybe going up to a double treble stitch in the center. Make one leaf just like the pattern says and you’ll know what I’m saying. Or just ask me and I’ll tell you. Make sure to leave the tails long so you can use them to attach the leaves to the stems later. Also, I used the yarn needle to weave one tail back along the chain-on edge to the other end of the leaf, so both tails were on the same end. FullSizeRender 11
  3. For the stems, I cut 7 various lengths of the jewelry wire (between 6-8 inches each) and bent them a little to look like real stems. Then I used the basic long tail cast-on method for knitting to wrap them in my green yarn (same yarn as the leaves). Once I got down to the bottom of the stem, I left the tails long and wove them back up into the stems and trimmed the ends. With the jewelry pliers I carefully bent the bottom of the stem back up to meet itself in a little U shape to close it off. FullSizeRender 13
  4. I bent the top of the stems in a flat horseshoe shape using the jewelry pliers, and wove that into the bottom of each flower. Using the yarn needle and the tails from the flowers, I sewed each firmly into place. FullSizeRender 5
  5. Next I attached one leaf to each stem. I eyeballed a spot a few inches down from the top of the stem and simply tied the leaf around it. I wove in the ends and trimmed the excess. FullSizeRender 12
  6. This last step was the fun part! I gathered the completed flowers up into a bouquet and using fancy satin ribbon, tied them together all pretty-like. Voila! I almost kept it for myself, Mom. You’re lucky 😉



Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there! You’re the true heroes of the universe, and don’t you ever forget it.

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