So many things are happening!

I am not going to I will not fail this resolution. But so much has happened since my first entry, ultimate stress time is upon me! Not only did we move into a new apartment, but  I’ve also had two job interviews (yay, and double yay!). Fortunately I did manage to do some sewing before the move.


My make-shift set-up on our friends’ kitchen table. Hey, whatever works right?!

A little straight line here, a big squiggly line there...

A little straight line here, a big squiggly line there…

I started and finished the “Basic Sewing Machine Introduction” module, and now I’ve moved onto the “Beginning Sewing” module. Which, as far as I can tell, has me completing a simple project using a very basic pattern. I am really looking forward to getting into this lesson, however, the current state of my sewing area is in such disarray that it will be nearly impossible to do! Although my our new apartment is HUGE and I have my very own room for crafts, I am lacking the necessary furniture to really get going in there: I need a table!


It’s a really perfect room, just needs some furniture! And yes, thats a hula hoop back there 😉

I have a third interview today for a position I’m REALLY excited about. Once that’s over, I’ll have more time to focus on getting this room together and getting back in front of the needle. Stay tuned for some interesting room transformation pictures!


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