Day 1: Resolutions

Today is Sunday, February 8th 2015, and I’ve made my New Year’s Resolution! Alright, I know I’m a little late, but can you be late to a party you weren’t invited to? Let me backup here and explain my theory on New Year’s Resolutions: I don’t believe in them. That’s it, pretty good right? I mean think about it, when was the last time you “resolved” to do something differently on January 1 and then ACTUALLY DID IT, or kept doing it past January 5? If you answered positively to this question, I commend you and let’s be friends. If you answered meh, then welcome to the world of everyone else! I especially don’t believe in the kind of resolutions that force you to “get in shape” or “lose weight” because I feel like that’s always a punishment for all the fun you had last year! Or it’s a shot in the dark and causes those resolvers to forever HATE healthy foods and exercise (which I actually like a lot so it makes me sad a little, inside). Ok, so lets circle back to why I have let caution to the wind and joined in the masses, albeit a little behind schedule, to resolve to do something new in 2015. Coming into the 1st day of this year, I had nothing on my mind to accomplish or change other than to enjoy my life and work towards my career goals. At this point in time I am STILL on that path: it’s only been a month and a week but I’m getting antsy ( = I have no patience). But everyday I’m absorbed by the internet and all the job posting websites that exist to tease me with exciting and seemingly reachable potential career paths. By the way, who the hell are getting all these jobs?! I’ve only just realized that job hunting is a job in and of itself, in that I spend more time writing cover letters and emails with my attached résumé than I do actually living my life these days. HOURS. It’s hurting my eyes. But I digress. So instead of spending this lovely Sunday morning trolling the internet for a new job, I decided to read a few new crafting blogs. I stumbled upon a sewing blog that really inspired me. Really REALLY inspired me. Like, let’s-make-a-resolution-inspirational. And so, I have resolved to FINALLY learn how to use the sewing machine that my dear mother (who actually kept her resolution last year to quit smoking and I’m so damn proud of her) bought for me for my birthday LAST YEAR. And to make things a little more interesting, and really to keep me on track, I’m going to write my way through this adventure and share it with you. I’ve always enjoyed my inner narrative, so I figured maybe someone else might, too.

So here we are on Day 1 (or Day 39 really, since I’m tardy). Since this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, I already have some projects in mind. I purchased a pattern and step-by-step video for a lovely little vintage dress on Craftsy. I’ve also pinned several different patterns on my “Sewing Projects” board on Pinterest, all of which require me to actually know how to use my sewing machine. I’ve also whipped up a few little things here and there, as practice. For instance I found an easy pattern on Purl Bee for a men’s necktie and actually made two for my boyfriend. The first one was too short, and the second one was too thin. Fail x 2. And I made a pillow, but never stuffed it because I’m chicken. So I’m going back to square one here and learning everything about how to use my machine (which is what smart, patient people do). I’ll be watching some online videos, but what I’m really excited to do is take a real live class that I’ll bring my own machine to. Just gotta find one…..


I signed up for an online Master Tailor course (for only $29 why not give it a try?). I start in 3 working days, so that’s how long I get to build my website!


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